Prosecution is protection. 

The word “prosecution” means something different in intellectual property law than it does in criminal law. In the context of IP law, the term “prosecution” refers to the process of filing patent, trademark and copyright applications and interacting with examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the U.S. Copyright Office to secure appropriate protection for your ideas and innovations. Once your IP is registered, Tease Law handles all forms of license agreements to help you realize a return on your investment.


Often, intellectual property that is protected in the U.S. requires safeguarding against foreign entities and within foreign jurisdictions. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), which has been in place since 1978, delineates a single patent application that protects related intellectual property in each of the participating countries. Tease’s facility negotiating the intricacies of international patent protection sets her apart in prosecution practice. To coordinate and file national stage applications, Tease utilizes her expansive network of foreign associates, securing protections both for international patents in the U.S. and U.S. patents internationally.

I have personally worked with Toni and her team for many years. Toni provides considered, detailed, no-nonsense advice, with all important personal care and diligence; Tease Law offers much more than a simple ‘filing office’. If I require detailed assessment of complicated intellectual property matters within the USA, Toni is my trusted pair of hands.

Toni has assisted with many trademarks and design patents for us and our clients, including international hospitality and vehicle part brands (including for design patents for products which are on the ‘edge’ of what would be deemed acceptable to the USPTO). We are very happy to continue this relationship and our collaborative ways of working.

Ben Prangell
Co-Founder & Director
Asenda Law Ltd. (UK)

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In large IP law firms, prosecutors don’t litigate, and litigators don’t prosecute. Litigators aren’t required to pass the patent bar exam and are often unfamiliar with the specific considerations of IP prosecution. Meanwhile, prosecutors typically focus on niche sectors, knowing little about the range of technological areas and less still about the litigation that might follow their successful filings. Unlike large firms, Antoinette M. Tease, PLLC applies comprehensive education, knowledge, and experience to provide IP prosecution and litigation across a wide range of technology areas, executing a continuum of oversight from the inception of an intellectual property asset to its legal protection in court. Her list of clients is long and diverse, including businesses and individuals representing interests in the agriculture, apparel, energy, entertainment, financial, firearms, food and beverage, manufacturing, medical, recreation, retail, and software industries, among others.

We have worked with Toni for many years now (luckily). Our Firms have worked both as clients and agents reciprocally. Her strong ethics and professionalism speak for themselves.

Sergio De Alva (LLM)

Attorney and Parner

De Alva & Asociados (Mexico)

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