Expert Witness

Testimony to be Trusted

An uncommon and distinguishing feat for a patent prosecutor, serving as an IP expert witness requires a substantial level of experience and an exhaustive grasp of the subject at hand. In fact, Tease has survived a Daubert motion challenging her expertise (J&M Industries, Inc. v. Raven Industries, Inc.) and been called to provide testimony in a federal patent infringement case involving the former head of the patent office (Deere and Company Inc. et al. v. Kinze Manufacturing Inc.). Tease’s testimony in the J&M Industries case led to a favorable verdict for the patent holder.

Tease’s…testimony may be helpful to the trier of fact in understanding patent practice – something not within the common knowledge of most jurors (or judges) – and in determining whether the circumstances of the disclosure show or refute an inference that Plaintiff intended to mislead the Patent Examiner.

J&M Industries, Inc. v. Raven Industries, Inc.
Case No. 16-2723-JWB
May 1, 2020

Tease is an experienced patent attorney, so she has the expertise appropriate for opinions on ‘patent office practice and procedure.’

Tease’s opinions asserting her account of best practices for reasonable patent prosecutors are admissible.

Deere & Company et al. v. Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. et al.

Case No. 4:20-cv-000389-RGE-HCA

February 8, 2024



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Antoinette M. Tease, P.L.L.C.